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SoftOx Solutions är ett norskt medicintekniskt bolag. Bolaget har utvecklat en egenpatenterad lösning baserad på ättiksyra för behandling av kroniska sår hos patienter. Lösningen används för att eliminera infektioner i samband med biofilmer, vilket består av olika kluster av bakterier. En del av läkemedelsutvecklingen sker i samarbete med övriga forskningsinstitut. SoftOx Solutions etablerades under 2012 och har sitt huvudkontor i Oslo.


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2021-03-22 08:30:00
Reference is made to the stock exchange announcement from SoftOx Solutions AS
(SoftOx) on 3rd February 2021 regarding the signing of a letter of intent, the
collaboration agreement has now been finalized. SoftOx and the Norwegian Defense
Research Establishment (FFI) have signed a collaboration agreement that extends
until June 30th 2024. The main focus of the agreement will be on adapting the
technology and products the company develops for military purposes both
nationally and internationally.

SoftOx is developing a new class of antimicrobal agents, herunder range of wound
care products for cleansing, prevention and treatment of wound infections, as
well as a product for the treatment of respiratory tract infections. Currently
the company delivers alcohol-free hand and surface disinfection products with a
broader effect and more unique properties than current products on the market.

The parties have a joint vision to further develop the SoftOx applications to
strenghten the military and civilian preparedness against future epidemics,
chemical and biological warfare, complexed wound infections and challenging
conditions in the respiratory tract.

The plan is to develop a range of military SoftOx products that will be
specifically targeted for the needs of the Armed Forces and for civilian
purposes in conflict areas. This work will take place in close collaboration
with both our national and international civilian and military partners.

"We express high expectations for this collaboration, and we appreciate that
FFI has chosen to enter into a collaboration with us. Together we will be
improve the safety and the preparedness of our armed forces. We also believe
that this agreement will contribute to our products becoming part of the
national preparedness in the fight against infections and multi-resistant
bacterias, "says CEO Geir Almås in SoftOx Solutions.

For further information, please contact:
Geir Almås, CEO of SoftOx Solutions AS, or
Rune Jomaas, Project Director SoftOx Solutions AS.
Mail: ir@soft-ox.com
Phone: Front Desk: (+47) 948-59-599

About Norwegian Defense Research Establishment
Norwegian Defence Research Establishment (FFI) is the prime institution
responsible for defence-related research in Norway. The Establishment is the
chief adviser on defence-related science and technology to the Ministry of
Defence and the Norwegian Armed Forces' military organization. The demand for
expert and flexible armed forces requires continuous renewal and Norway's
unflagging emphasize on defence technology keeps FFI busy. It is a true
challenge to make significant contributions to the development of the Armed
Forces - both in its principal national defence role as well as in its various
roles as an effective participant in international security operations. Relevant
defence research now requires international cooperation. In order to maintain a
position at the forefront of science and technology within chosen sectors, FFI
collaborates with national and international scientific institutions and
industry. The Establishment also has a close working relationship with its
partners and customers (Sourse www.ffi.no)

About SoftOx Solutions AS
SoftOx Solutions AS is a Norwegian BioTech company listed on Euronext Growth
Oslo. Our Vison is "Helping the world fighting infections - developing new ways
of eradicating infections and fighting antimicrobial resistance" We are working
to combat major threats to human health, namely the emergence of antimicrobial
resistance (AMR), biofilm infections in chronic wounds and the spread of
viruses. For more information on SoftOx, visit www.soft-ox.com