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Northern Ocean är verksamma inom olje- och gassektorn. Bolaget är specialiserade inom borrning och i erbjudandet av tillhörande tjänster som berör prospektering och vidare utvinning av olje- och gasförnödenheter. Bolaget förfogar över egna produktionsanläggningar och riggar, där verksamhet återfinns runtom den globala marknaden.


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February 11, 2021 - Hamilton, Bermuda 

Northern Ocean Ltd. ("NOL") announces that it has reached an agreement in
principle with Seadrill Limited ("Seadrill") to settle outstanding balances.
Upon concluding the settlement, NOL is expected to be well positioned to
continue operations on its two high specification harsh environment drilling
rigs in the North Sea.

The settlement payments will be completed in two parts. Firstly, NOL will make
certain quarterly instalment payments with the final payment due December 31,
2021. Total payments by December 2021 are expected to be approximately USD 45
million, including management fee and other adjustments. Secondly, Seadrill will
retain the net earnings generated under the West Bollsta contract from
commencement October 6 2020 and up until March 1, 2021, including payments for
client rebills and modifications.

After March 1, 2021, NOL is expected to retain the net earnings from the West
Bollsta contract and an operating structure similar to the West Mira is expected
to be implemented, which includes consolidation of the West Bollsta drilling
operations in NOL group reporting.

The settlement is subject to several conditions, including amendments from its
secured lenders which is expected to include amortization relief and maturity
extensions. The settlement is also conditional upon Seadrill obtaining approval
by the bankruptcy court under their Chapter 11 protection in the US.

In connection with the settlement NOL has committed to raise USD 30 million of
new equity.

Additional information about the Company can be found at: www.northernocean.no


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