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Medistim utvecklar medicintekniska instrument för sjukhus och forskningsinstitut. Bolagets produkter består av hjälpmedel som används vid hjärtkirurgi. Utöver används produkterna inom neuro- samt plastikkirurgi. Produktportföljen består av kirurgiska instrument som mäter blodflöde och visualiserar ateroskleros, produkter som behandlar ärr, samt av mikroskop och ögonbottenkameror. Bolagets produkter säljs via återförsäljare på global nivå. Bolaget grundades 1984 och har huvudkontor i Oslo.


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2021-10-19 11:25:48
(Oslo, 19th of October 2021) Medistim ASA (OSE: MEDI) is a niche market leader
within ultrasound technology with headquarters in Oslo, Norway. Medistim
develops and commercializes medical equipment for use within cardiac, vascular
and transplant surgery. Today, Medistim announces that their Transit Time Flow
Measurement (TTFM) technology receives strong support from leading experts, in a
new publication in top journal Circulation.

Circulation - the official journal of the American Heart Association - and one
of the highest ranked journals in cardiology and cardiovascular medicine,
published a consensus paper by 19 of the world's highest renowned specialists in
coronary artery bypass surgery (CABG) on October 5th. The study describes a
systematic review to identify best practice evidence for guideline development
published the last 20 years. Over 2,200 articles identified, more than 1,550 of
them screened, and 38 of them included in this review paper. The expert
consensus process resulted in a new flowchart for decision making guidance to
cardiac surgeons on how to utilize TTFM during surgery. The first of the 10
consensus statements and justifications states "TTFM should be used in every
CABG case". The panelists agree "that quality assurance in CABG procedures
should be established as a key component to improve patient outcomes".

"This is a pivotal paper for Medistim that clearly graces all of our initiatives
to position our MiraQTM technology for routine use during CABG surgery" says
Medistim President and CEO, Kari E. Krogstad. "Having our technology in focus in
one of the world's most renowned cardiovascular journals gives us a strong sense
of moving in the right direction with our strategy. Our REQUEST study published
in 2020 is one of the key papers they have assessed to underpin the importance
of routine use of quality assessment. We believe that this strong advocacy will
not only exert peer influence within the community of cardiac surgeons, but
further, that it may pave the way for new and enhanced clinical guidelines

View the Circulation publication here:

About Medistim:
Medistim was established in 1984 and has a track record of profitable growth
over the past 20 years. The company is a pioneer within its segment and
continues to invest in new product development. Medistim has wholly owned
subsidiaries with sales organizations in the USA, Germany, UK, Spain, Denmark,
and Norway, in addition to the about 50 distributors in Europe, Asia, Middle
East, Africa, Canada and South America. For more information, visit the
Medistim home page: www.medistim.com

For more information, contact:
President and CEO, Kari E. Krogstad, Medistim ASA
Tel: + 47 918 38 110
Email: kari.krogstad@medistim.com

CFO, Thomas Jakobsen, Medistim ASA
Tel: + 47 906 59 940
Email: thomas.jakobsen@medistim.com