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Hofseth BioCare är ett norskt bolag verksamma inom bioteknik. Bolaget utvecklar diverse högkvalitativt protein- och kalciumpulver, samt laxolja. Genom användandet av patenterad teknik kan bolaget i tidigt stadium utvinna ämnen för senare produktion. Produkterna levereras i form av kosttillskott och säljs via hälsobutiker. Bolaget grundades 2009 och har sitt huvudkontor i Ålesund.


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2021-02-01 08:45:00
Hofseth Biocare ASA (HBC) is delighted to announce the hiring of Reto Renggli as
VP within HBC's Consumer Health Division as of February 1st 2021.The new
addition to the team is the last in a series of recruitments focusing on ramping
up sales and international growth.

Mr Renggli is a highly accomplished leader with two decades of global experience
in marketing, business development and the sales of scientific based branded raw
materials to the human and pet food sector. He is the former Head of Sales and
Marketing, Health Ingredients at Lonza, the Swiss based life sciences business
and has broad experience of developing new products. He managed key commercial
relationships with multinationals such as Nestle and Danone.

Reto Renggli said, "I was inspired to join HBC's senior leadership team by the
global opportunity I see for this rapidly growing biotech business. As we
accelerate plans to commercialise and expand HBC's product and ingredient
ranges, our skills and experience are set to prove complementary."

HBC is focused on its expansion across the entire consumer health sector and the
creation of a global distribution network for its range of products and
ingredients. In the final weeks of 2020, HBC announced a pan-Asian collaboration
for its non-GMO and sustainable marine branded products with nutraceutical and
pharmaceutical distributor DKSH. It extends to ten countries including India,
Japan and China. A further exclusive agreement was signed with global speciality
ingredients distributor IMCD for sixteen more countries incorporating most of
South America, South Africa, Australasia, Turkey, the USA and Canada. These
agreements follow the granting of a unique set of label claims for its bioactive
peptide product ProGo® in North America, centred around the treatment of iron
deficiency anemia. It is the first non-iron based alternative on the US market
with documented health benefits, to help millions of people who struggle with
the negative side effects of traditional iron supplements.

Mr Renggli joins Andy Gill, formerly of GSK and Novartis, appointed in January
2021, and Will Urban-Smith, formerly of Johnson & Johnson, to realise a long-
term strategic plan to create shareholder value.

"Hiring Reto Renggli is a significant milestone for HBC and we are delighted he
will be working alongside Andy and Will. These experienced sales executives from
Tier One, global pharmaceutical and nutraceutical consumer health businesses
will drive sales of HBCŽs unique, sustainable, science and claim-backed natural
health solutions. It speaks volumes about the opportunity at HBC. Leading
healthcare and FMCG companies and professionals alike are starting to understand
just how differentiated our clean, sustainable marine by-products are and the
scale of our ability to provide the medicine of tomorrow, today. Reto's addition
is an enormous step forward for us to begin the process of selling more,
particularly B2B in both the human and pet segments", says CEO Roger Hofseth of
Hofseth BioCare ASA.

For further information, please contact:
James Berger, Head of Investor Relations & Strategy at Hofseth BioCare ASA
Phone: +41 79 950 10 34
E-mail: jb@hofsethbiocare.no

About Hofseth BioCare ASA:

HBC is a Norwegian biotech company that develops high-value ingredients and
finished products currently targeting the consumer health market.

Research is ongoing to identify the individual elements within the products that
modulate inflammation and the immune response with pre-clinical studies in
multiple clinics and university research labs in several countries. Lead
clinical and pre-clinical candidates are in development for the protection of
the Gastro-Intestinal (GI) system against inflammation, including ulcerative
colitis and the orphan condition necrotising enterocolitis, as a Medical Food to
help treat age-related Sarcopenia, and as a treatment for Iron Deficiency
Anemia, all using peptide fractions of Salmon Protein Hydrolysate. Preclinical
trial work with the oil is ongoing to ameliorate lung inflammation in
eosinophilic asthma and COPD ("smokers lung") as well as clinical work in COVID.

The company is founded on the core values of sustainability and optimal
utilization of natural resources. Through an innovative hydrolysis technology,
HBC can preserve the quality of lipids, proteins and calcium from fresh salmon

Hofseth BioCare's headquarters are in Ålesund, Norway with branches in Oslo,
London, Zürich, Chicago, Mumbai, Palo Alto and Tokyo.

HBC is listed on Oslo Stock Exchange Axess list with ticker "HBC". More
information about Hofseth BioCare at hofsethbiocare.com and