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Gentian Diagnostics är ett norskt bolag som utvecklar olika produkter inom hälsovård. Exempel är diagnostiska test med målet att utveckla och effektivisera diagnostisk behandling, vilket innefattar behandling utav cancer och hjärt- och kärlsjukdomar. En stor del av verksamheten innefattar FoU utveckling. Bolaget grundades 1998 och har sitt huvudkontor i Moss.
2022-08-23 13:05:17
Moss, 23 August 2022

Gentian Diagnostics ASA, a fast-growing developer and manufacturer of innovative
and efficient diagnostics, has entered into a distribution agreement for the
Gentian Cystatin C Immunoassay with a global diagnostics company. The
cooperation is positioned towards the diagnosis and treatment of renal disease,
with launch scheduled for the second half of 2022, initially in the USA and

"We are pleased to experience increasing demand for Cystatin C as a superior
marker for diagnosis and treatment of renal disease, particularly in the US
market," says CEO Hilja Ibert from Gentian Diagnostics.

Gentian's commercial strategy is to secure broad roll-out and acceptance of its
products, which requires distribution through global diagnostics companies.

"This distribution agreement for Cystatin C confirms the attractive clinical
benefits of our product and Gentian's ability to establish commercial
partnerships worldwide, adds Ms. Ibert.

Gentian's new distributor develops and distributes in vitro diagnostic systems
mainly destined for biological analysis in medical laboratories on a worldwide
basis. These automated analysers meet the needs of various users including
private laboratories, clinics and university hospitals.

While the clinical use of Cystatin C can have far-reaching benefits across all
patient groups, certain vulnerable patient populations may experience a greater
benefit. Some specific patient groups would receive more accurate results with
Cystatin C because its concentrations are independent of muscle mass and show
less age and gender-related variation relative to creatinine.

Previously, Gentian has outlined the roadmap for its portfolio of high-impact
diagnostics tests which supports the company's revenue growth ambitions. The
company expects Cystatin C to remain a key value driver in the realisation of
this growth roadmap and confirming clinical relevance and entering global
commercial partnerships are key enablers.

For further information, please contact:
Hilja Ibert, CEO
+47 919 05 242 (mobile)

Njaal Kind, CFO and COO
+47 919 06 525 (mobile)

About Gentian Diagnostics
Gentian Diagnostics (OSE: GENT), founded in 2001, develops and manufactures
high-quality, in vitro diagnostic reagents. Gentian's expertise and focus lies
within immunochemistry, specifically infections, inflammations, kidney failures
and congestive heart failures. By converting existing and clinically relevant
biomarkers to the most efficient automated, high-throughput analysers, the
company contributes to saving costs and protecting life. Gentian is based in
Moss, Norway, serving the global human and veterinary diagnostics markets
through sales and representative offices in Sweden, USA and China. For more
information, please visit www.gentian.com.