05:40:32 Europe / Stockholm
2023-03-28 16:59:51
To the Bondholders in:

ISIN: N00012704099 - Benchmark Holdings PLC FRN senior unsecured NOK
1,500,000,000 bonds 2022/2025

28 March 2023

Update in relation to timing of listing of the Bonds

We refer to the above mentioned bond issue (the "Bond Issue") where Benchmark
Holdings plc is the issuer (the "Issuer").

All capitalized terms used herein shall have the meaning assigned to them in the
terms originally dated 23 September 2022 (the "Bond Terms").

As the Bonds were not admitted to listing on Oslo Bors within 6 months following
the Issue Date (being 27 March 2023), the Bond Terms require that for as long as
the Bonds remain unlisted, the interest on any principal amount outstanding
under these Bonds Terms will accrue at the Interest Rate plus 1 percentage point
per annum. Payment of the additional interest will be paid on the Interest
Payment Date in June 2023, and further information will be given in due course.

For further information, please contact: 

Benchmark Holdings plc 

Tel: 0114 240 9939 


Ivonne Cantu, Investor Relations 


Numis (Broker and NOMAD) Tel: 020 7260 1000 

James Black, Freddie Barnfield, Duncan Monteith 


MHP Communications 

Tel: 020 3128 8742 / 07551 170 451 

Katie Hunt, Reg Hoare, Alistair de Kare-Silver benchmark@mhpc.com


About Benchmark: 

Benchmark is a market leading aquaculture biotechnology company. Benchmark's
mission is to drive sustainability in aquaculture by delivering mission-critical
products and solutions in genetics, advanced nutrition and health which improve
yield, growth and animal health and welfare. Through a global footprint in 26
countries and a broad portfolio of products and solutions, Benchmark addresses
the major aquaculture species - salmon, shrimp, sea bass and bream, and tilapia,
in all the aquaculture regions around the world. Find out more at