05:36:34 Europe / Stockholm
2023-02-06 13:54:49
Benchmark Holdings plc: Share capital increase registered 

6 February 2023:

Following the issuance of a total of 82,321 shares resulting from exercise of
share options, Benchmark Holdings plc now has a share capital of GBP 739,277.469
divided into 739,277,469 shares, each with a nominal value of GBP 0.001.

For further queries, please contact: Via benchmark@mhpc.com to:
Chief Executive Officer
Trond Williksen

Chief Financial Officer
Septima Maguire

Investor Relations
Ivonne Cantu
MHP tel: + 44 20 3128 8004

Numis (Broker and NOMAD)
James Black, Freddie Barnfield, Duncan Monteith
Tel: 020 7260 1000

About Benchmark
Benchmark is a market leading aquaculture biotechnology company. Benchmark's
mission is to drive sustainability in aquaculture by delivering mission-critical
products and solutions in genetics, advanced nutrition and health which improve
yield, growth and animal health and welfare. Through a global footprint in 26
countries and a broad portfolio of products and solutions, Benchmark addresses
the major aquaculture species - salmon, shrimp, sea bass and bream, and tilapia,
in all the aquaculture regions around the world. Find out more at