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Aqua Bio Technology är ett norskt bolag verksamma inom kosmetikabranschen. Bolaget utvecklar, tillverkar och kommersialiserar ingredienser som används inom ett flertal kosmetiska produkter världen över. Störst verksamhet återfinns inom lösningar för hudvårdsprodukter. Merparten av bolagets produkter säljs på en global marknad via diverse distributörer. Bolaget grundades 2004 och har sitt huvudkontor i Lysaker.
2022-10-14 08:38:33
14.10.2022 08:38:31 CEST | Aqua Bio Technology ASA | Non-regulatory press

Aqua Bio Technology ASA (ABT) has entered into an extended distribution
agreement with D&S Maisey Ltd for the distribution of Sei?r, Sei?r clinique, B
Natural & Moana Skincare products in Japan & The Philippines. D&S Maisey Ltd is
also given a conditional right to commercialize the products on a non-exclusive
basis through its e-commerce solution in South East Asia (SEA).

Reference is being made to the August 2021 notification to the stock exchange -
https://live.euronext.com/node/6242609 about ABT entering into a letter of
intent for distribution of Moana Skincare in Japan and the Philippines with D&S
Maisey Ltd. The pandemic, as well as other outside factors, have delayed the
signing of this distribution agreement. ABT is happy to announce that it has
entered into an exclusive distribution agreement with D&S Maisey Ltd that also
includes Sei?r, Sei?r clinique and B Natural in addition to Moana Skincare for
Japan & The Philippines. In addition to this, D&S Maisey Ltd will soon launch
their e-commerce solution directed towards consumers in South East Asia and ABT
has agreed to conditional, non-exclusive rights for D&S Maisey Ltd to sell to
consumers through this e-commerce platform. Through the agreement ABT adds a
territory with more than 230 million people to the available market for all of
its brands.

D&S Maisey Ltd is situated in Auckland and has a regional development office
located South of Manila in The Philippines. The company has almost 30 years
working experience in luxury goods and niche market sales and has first-hand
experience in distribution in Japan and several other local SEA markets. D&S
Maisey Ltd has a strong environmental, social & corporate governance mission
aimed to address poor soil and resource management in The Philippines as well as
other parts of SEA.

"Natural skincare is growing globally but also in SEA. We are extremely happy to
have entered into this extended distribution agreement with ABT for the
exclusive distribution of ABT's portfolio in Japan and The Philippines. Through
our e-commerce solution, which will be launching soon, we will make ABT's brands
known to the public and this will further help us with sales in our exclusive
markets. On top of the amazing job ABT is now doing in social media for Sei?r
and Sei?r clinique, we will use our own agency to promote these products towards
consumers and we are very positive that we will see increasing sales quickly.
Further to Sei?r and Sei?r clinique, we are very excited to also commercialize
ABT's other brands next year. We are thrilled with this agreement and have
already placed an order for the preparation of launching our e-commerce solution
so we will not have any delay in getting products to our customers," said D&S
Maisey's Chief Revenue Officer, James Bradford.

Read more about D&S Maisey's