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Aker är en industrikoncern. Koncernen bedrivs utifrån flertalet dotterbolag med vardera affärsinriktning inom den industriella sektorn. Affärsidén är att vidareutveckla, förvalta och aktivt driva innehaven för att skapa långsiktigt aktieägarvärde. Majoriteten av innehaven består av bolag verksamma inom olje- och gasindustrin samt offshore. Aker har en företagshistoria som ursprungligen sträcker sig till 1841. Sedan dess har bolaget genomgått ett flertal struktureringar. Huvudkontoret ligger i Lysaker.


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2020-02-14 07:00:13
Fornebu, 14 February 2020 - The Net Asset Value ("NAV") of Aker ASA and holding
companies ("Aker") ended at NOK 50.0 billion in the fourth quarter of 2019 (NOK
43.1 billion at the third quarter 2019). For the full year, Aker's NAV increased
by 10 billion, including paid dividend of NOK 1.7 billion.

The Aker share price, included paid dividend, increased 22.5 per cent in 2019,
outperforming the Oslo Stock Exchange benchmark index at 16.5 per cent. The NAV
ended the year at NOK 50.0 billion, up from NOK 41.7 billion at the end of 2018,
representing a return of 23.7 per cent, including paid dividend of NOK 1.7

"Aker delivered good return to our shareholders in 2019, despite high volatility
and significant value fluctuations during the year. By continuing to build
robustness, resilience and optionality, both at the Aker level and in each
portfolio company, Aker is prepared for rainy days. A solid financial position
with low debt ratio, predictable upstream cashflow, a liquid portfolio of
assets, and well-performing industrial holdings, enable us to weather the
storms, stick to our plans and strategies, maintain an attractive cash dividend
to our shareholders, and pursue opportunities that tend to materialise when
market uncertainties are high," said Øyvind Eriksen, President and CEO at Aker

Aker received a record high NOK 3.5 billion in upstream cash in 2019. The Board
of Directors proposes a cash dividend of NOK 23.50 per share for the fiscal year
2019, corresponding to a 4.3 per cent yield to the share price and 3.5 per cent
of NAV at the close of the year.

"Aker is not ignorant to the fact that renewables and other 'clean' sources of
energy will play a more important role in the energy mix going forward. However,
facts and figures tell that the expected increase in demand for energy will
require both more oil and gas and more 'clean energy'. 'Energy addition' is
therefore, in our opinion, a more appropriate description of the task at hand
than 'energy transition'. This reality fits well with how Aker operates with a
portfolio of different industrial holdings, each focusing on their respective
industry segments," said Eriksen.

"New business opportunities will be screened and prioritised by Aker based on
our financial metrics, including the 12 per cent return target over the cycle
and the goal to increase upstream cash flow year-on-year from our portfolio,"
said Eriksen.

Aker's liquidity reserves, including undrawn credit facilities, stood at NOK 6.6
billion as per 31 December 2019. The value adjusted equity ratio prior to
allocation of dividend was 81 per cent at the end of the fourth quarter,
compared to 80 percent as per 30 September 2019.

The full report and presentation can be downloaded from www.akerasa.com


Net Asset Value (NAV) is Aker ASA's core performance indicator. Aker is an
investment company with a majority of listed companies in its portfolio.
Therefore, NAV is a more relevant indicator of the development of Aker's
underlying value than the company's consolidated accounts.

For further information, please contact:

Torbjørn Kjus, Chief Economist & Head of Investor Relations
Phone: +47 94 14 77 30

Atle Kigen, Head of Corporate Communications
Phone: +47 90 78 48 78

This information is subject of the disclosure requirements pursuant to section 5
-12 of the Norwegian Securities Trading Act.