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Demant är verksamma inom medicinteknik. Bolaget är specialiserade inom utveckling av hörapparater och hörslingor. Idag innehar bolaget verksamhet på global nivå där produkterna säljs under varierande varumärken. Produkterna nås via bolagets distributörer och försäljningskanaler. Utöver huvudverksamheten bedriver bolaget forskning inom diagnostik för mätning av hörselkvalitén. Bolaget grundades ursprungligen under 1904 och har sitt huvudkontor i Smörum.
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10.3.2022 13:01:29 CET | Demant A/S | Changes board/management/auditors

Company announcement no 2022-06                                10 March 2022


Extension of Demant’s Executive Board


Today, Demant announces that Arne Boye Nielsen, President of Diagnostics and Communications, and Niels Wagner, President of Hearing Care, will join the Executive Board effective 1 April 2022, which means that the Executive Board will consist of four members going forward.


Over the last years, Demant has seen a substantial increase in activities across its different business areas, and the company has generated consistent and profitable growth, which has only been disrupted by the unforeseen IT incident and the pandemic. Arne Boye Nielsen and Niels Wagner have been instrumental in the Group’s growth journey and in the overall development of the Demant Group, and their respective business areas have, especially during the last decade, increased significantly and gained market shares. As a natural consequence of the Group’s development, the Board of Directors has therefore decided to appoint them members of the Executive Board.


Arne Boye Nielsen has been employed with Demant for over 30 years and has been President of Diagnostics since 1996. Niels Wagner has been with Demant since 1996, however with a few years with other companies, and has been President of Hearing Care since 2015. For more than 10 years, they have both been part of the Demant management team, which also consists of Søren Nielsen, President & CEO, and René Schneider, CFO.


“The addition of Arne and Niels to the Executive Board reflects the successful development of the Demant Group, and I am confident that the extended leadership team have the capabilities and experience to continue our remarkable journey towards becoming the world’s leading hearing healthcare company,” says Niels B. Christiansen, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Demant.


“I am very excited to have Arne and Niels join the Executive Board. Both have been valued and trusted colleagues for the past many years and during a period where the company has developed immensely. Arne and Niels’ contributions as leaders have been vital in developing Demant towards becoming the company that we see today, and I look forward to continuing our close collaboration in the future where we will continue to execute on our ambitious strategy and plans,” says Søren Nielsen, President & CEO of Demant.


Following the appointments, the Executive Board now consists of Søren Nielsen, President & CEO; René Schneider, CFO; Arne Boye Nielsen, President, Diagnostics and Communications; and Niels Wagner,
President, Hearing Care.



Further information:

Søren Nielsen, President & CEO

Phone +45 3917 7300


Other contacts:

René Schneider, CFO

Mathias Holten Møller, Head of Investor Relations

Peter Pudselykke, Investor Relations Officer

Trine Kromann-Mikkelsen, VP Corporate Communications and Relations


Curriculum vitae – Arne Boye Nielsen


Date of birth: 12 July 1968



1992: Master of Science (MSc) in Business Administration, Copenhagen Business School


Professional experience:

2002 – present:  Demant, President, Communications

1996 – present:  Demant, President, Diagnostics

1995 – 1995:      Oticon Australia Pty Ltd., Interim General Manager

1990 – 1995:      Demant, various positions in for instance Finance and as a Management Assistant


Board positions:

Össur hf., Iceland, board member

Revenio Group Oyj, Finland, board member



Curriculum vitae – Niels Wagner


Date of birth: 7 June 1971



1996: Master of Science (MSc) in Economics, Aarhus University


Professional experience:

2015 – present:  Demant, President, Hearing Care

2007 – 2015:      Demant, Vice President, Hearing Care

2006 – 2007:      GN ReSound, Vice President, Retail

2003 – 2006:      Synoptik A/S, Sales Director

2000 – 2003:      Oticon Australia Pty Ltd., Australia, General Manager, Retail

1996 – 2000:      Demant (incl. Oticon GmbH, Germany), various positions in for instance Finance and
as a Management Assistant


Board position:

ShengWang, China, board member

About Demant A/S

Demant is a world-leading hearing healthcare group that offers solutions and services to help people with hearing loss connect with the world around them. In every aspect, from hearing devices, hearing implants, diagnostics to audio and video solutions and hearing care all over the world, Demant is active and engaged. Our innovative technologies and know-how help improve people’s health and hear-ing. We create life-changing differences through hearing health.