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Circio Holding är ett läkemedelsbolag. Bolaget specialistkompetens återfinns inom riktad immunterapi som används vid behandling av cancerpatienter. Bolagets verksamhet består av forskning och utveckling och läkemedlen säljs idag under separata varumärken. Ett flertal partnerskap på marknaden har ingåtts för att stärka samarbetet inom utvecklingen av ny immunterapi. Bolaget grundades 2010 och har sitt huvudkontor i Lysaker.
2020-08-20 07:00:00

Oslo, Norway, 20 August 2020 - Targovax ASA (OSE: TRVX), a clinical stage biotechnology company developing immune activators to target hard-to-treat solid tumors, today announces its second quarter and first half 2020 results.

An online presentation by Targovax's management to investors, analysts and the press will take place at 10:00 CET today (details below).


  • Announced encouraging clinical and immune data in mesothelioma combining ONCOS-102 and chemotherapy demonstrating that ONCOS-102 activates patients' immune system far more extensively than chemotherapy
  • Presented interim data from safety lead-in cohort in the ovarian and colorectal (peritoneal metastasis) trial at ASCO
  • Presented pre-clinical data from Next Generation ONCOS at AACR
  • Completed enrollment in the melanoma trial
  • Entered into a collaboration with Merck to test ONCOS-102 in combination with Keytruda and chemotherapy in mesothelioma
  • Entered into a collaboration with Leidos to equip ONCOS viruses with genetic elements encoding for small peptides with checkpoint inhibitor functionality
  • Entered into an option agreement with IOVaxis Therapeutics for a TG mutant RAS vaccine license agreement in Greater China and Singapore
  • Entered into a collaboration to develop mutant RAS neoantigen coating of ONCOS viruses using Valo Therapeutic's PeptiCRAd technology
  • Entered into a collaboration with Oblique Therapeutics to target mutant RAS cancers by combining both companies' technology platforms
  • Completed a private placement, raising NOK 101 million (USD 11.2 million)
  • Announced election of Damian Marron as Chairman of the Board
  • Appointed Dr Victor Levitsky, MD, PhD as CSO


Øystein Soug, CEO commented: "Targovax had a highly productive second quarter this year. Most importantly, we reported 12-month immune and efficacy data for ONCOS-102 in mesothelioma, our lead indication, in combination with standard of care chemotherapy (SoC). Based on the promising findings so far, we have started preparations for a subsequent randomized phase II trial where we will add a checkpoint inhibitor to the ONCOS-102 and chemotherapy combination. We are very pleased to have secured a clinical collaboration agreement with Merck for this trial, who will provide Keytruda® and valuable scientific and clinical support for the trial. Additionally, three new innovative collaborations, of which two of them were RAS collaborations, were signed during the quarter, indicating a high interest in Targovax."

As a consequence of the Corona situation, there will not be a physical presentation of the results. Instead, we invite to a live webcast today at 10.00 CET. You can join the webcast here (https://channel.royalcast.com/hegnarmedia/#!/hegnarmedia/20200820_6). It will be possible to ask questions during the presentation.
Reporting material
Targovax 2Q 2020 - report (https://mb.cision.com/Public/17093/3176462/9f1787042612366f.pdf)
Targovax 2Q 2020 - presentation (https://mb.cision.com/Public/17093/3176462/acc96ffab3688287.pdf)
The quarterly report and presentation are also available at the website  www.targovax.com (https://www.targovax.com/en/financial-reports/).