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Redsense Medical är ett medicinteknikbolag som är specialiserade inom utvecklingen av blodläckage-alarm. Bolagets produkt fungerar som en sensor baserad på fiberteknik som snabbare skall upptäcka blodförlust, samt larma och rapportera till olika larmenheter. Utöver huvudverksamheten erbjuds träning och utbildning inom affärsområdet. Bolaget grundades år 2006 och har sitt huvudkontor i Halmstad.
2022-05-02 12:50:11

Redsense Medical announces that the highly experienced global life science leader Pontus Nobréus is appointed new CEO. Nobréus combines a track record of driving sales through well-targeted commercialization with an unwavering commitment to innovation that truly benefits patients, and takes over the helm at Redsense to speed up its ongoing journey of growth.

The qualified and internationally proven chief executive brings wide experience in diagnostics, medtech, and international business development and sales to the role. He will succeed outgoing CEO Patrik Byhmer, co-founder and largest shareholder of the Company, who is leaving the position as CEO to transition into a new role as Chairman of the Board (pending the Annual General Meeting's decision).

"I look forward to working together with the talented Redsense team to save lives and promote growth in new and existing markets. The confidence shown in me is humbling," says Pontus Nobréus, incoming CEO.

"Pontus is a skilled leader and sales strategist, well familiar with the specific challenges of the US healthcare market, and has a genuine passion for patient benefit. As such, I have full trust in him and the core Redsense team to handle the business in the best possible way moving forward. I extend a heartfelt welcome to Pontus and look forward to working with him," says Patrik Byhmer, current CEO and proposed Chairman of the Board.

While the agreement is already signed, the exact date when the new CEO will assume responsibilities and enter into function is yet to be determined as Nobréus is currently settling his business with his current employer.

"This is an exciting and dynamic time for the company. On the verge of launching the new Redsense Clamp, Redsense is about to present a uniquely comprehensive offering to a global market. Pontus Nobréus is the perfect choice to leverage this market opportunity," says Bo Unéus, Chairman of the Board of Redsense Medical.

About Pontus Nobréus

Pontus Nobréus, born in 1964, has held leading business positions in diagnostics and medtech for more than 15 years, including employments in the United States and South Africa. Nobréus joins Redsense from a position as CEO of Pro Health Pharma Sweden AB. He previously served as CEO of Glycorex Transplantation AB (publ) and prior to that as Business Development Director at Biovica International AB. He has also worked at HemoCue and Svar Life Science, and his experience extends across sales, channel management, business development, and marketing in international settings.

Nobréus holds an MBA from Henley Business School as well as a M.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering from Lund University. In addition, he is a Certified Board Member by StyrelseAkademien.

About the leadership change

Current CEO Patrik Byhmer announced his decision (https://news.cision.com/se/redsense/r/patrik-byhmer--nuvarande-vd--foreslas-som-ny-styrelseordforande-i-redsense-medical,c3467293) to step down as CEO in response to the Nomination Committee's decision on December 7, 2021, to propose him as new Chairman of the Board. Current Chairman Bo Unéus is proposed to retain his seat on the board with a special focus on business development, investors and international business relationships.

About Redsense Clamp

The Redsense Clamp is a wireless accessory device to the Redsense Alarm, which is a real-time blood-loss monitoring device for hemodialysis. The Clamp, currently in clinical validation, is capable of automatically stopping the flow of blood if a venous needle dislodgement occurs by clamping the bloodline. The devices work together as a comprehensive Blood Loss Security System.