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Optomed är verksamma inom medicinteknik. Bolaget bedriver forskning och utveckling av specialiserade ögonkameror. Utveckling sker av både hård- och mjukvara som vidaresäljs under olika varumärken. Verksamhet innehas på global nivå, med störst närvaro inom den nordiska marknaden. Kunderna består av forskningsinstitut samt sjukhus. Huvudkontoret ligger i Oulu.
2021-03-30 08:30:00

Optomed Plc         Stock Exchange Release    30 March 2021 at 9:30, Helsinki

Amended Proposal of Optomed's Nomination Board

Optomed's Nomination Board amends its proposal to the next Annual General Meeting. Haohao Zhang has informed that she is no longer available for Optomed Board membership. Consequently, the Nomination Board proposes Xisi Guo as a new Board member. The original proposal remains unchanged in all other respects.

Complete amended proposal:

Number of Board members

The Nomination Board proposes that the number of members of the Board of Directors for the term expiring at the end of the Annual General Meeting 2022 is five.

Composition of the Board of Directors

The Nomination Board proposes to the Annual General Meeting that:
  • Seppo Mäkinen, Petri Salonen, Reijo Tauriainen, and Anna Tenstam are re-elected as Board members
  • Xisi Guo is elected as a new Board member

Mr. Xisi Guo (born 1982 BSc, Economics and Business; Master of Business Administration) serves as an executive director of Cenova Capital. He joined Cenova in 2020 with more than 10 years of investment experience in healthcare industry. Prior to Cenova, Simon was the VP at CICC Jiacheng and a core member of the fund's healthcare investment team. His investments and successful exits included Shanghai MicroPort Endovascular MedTech, Beijing Chemclin Biotech, Distinct HealthCare, SonoScape Medical Corp and Beijing MD Joint Hospital etc. Prior to CICC, he was an associate with Cummins' global M&A team. In his early career, he was a senior associate with Deloitte financial advisory services. He is independent of Optomed and dependent of a major shareholder.

Proposal for the remuneration of the Board of Directors

The Nomination Board proposes to the Annual General Meeting that the annual remuneration payable to the members of the Board of Directors to be elected at the Annual General Meeting for the term expiring at the end of Annual General Meeting in 2022 to be as follows:
  • EUR 36,000 for the Chairman of the Board
  • EUR 18,000 for each Board member

In addition, the Nomination Board proposes that a meeting fee in the amount of EUR 500 is paid to the Audit Committee chairman for each Audit Committee meeting. The Nomination Board proposes that 40 % of the Board remuneration is paid in Optomed shares and 60 % in cash. The remuneration will be paid once a year in August, after Optomed's H1 report has been announced.

Nomination Board

Optomed's Nomination Board consists of the following individuals:
  • Hai Wu (appointed by Cenova Capital (China))
  • Jarmo Malin (appointed by Aura Capital Oy)
  • Ingo Ramesohl (appointed by Robert Bosch Venture Capital GmbH)

Petri Salonen (chairman of Optomed Board of Directors) serves as the Nomination Board's expert member and Jarmo Malin acts as the chairman of the Nomination Board.

Optomed Plc

Further enquiries

Jarmo Malin, Chairman of the Nomination Board, jarmo.malin@auratum.com

Sakari Knuutti, secretary of the Nomination Board, Optomed Plc, sakari.knuutti@optomed.com

Optomed in Brief 

Optomed is a Finnish medical technology company and one of the leading providers of handheld fundus cameras. Optomed combines handheld cameras with software and artificial intelligence with the aim to transform the diagnostic process of blinding eye-diseases such as rapidly increasing diabetic retinopathy. In its business Optomed focuses on eye-screening devices and software solutions related R&D in Finland and sales through different channels in over 60 countries. The company has an extensive portfolio of 55 international patents protecting the technology.