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Idogen är verksamma inom bioteknik. Bolagets affärsinriktning är att utveckla vaccinkandidater för behandling av sjukdomar som negativt påverkar immunförsvaret. Vaccinen avses att användas i de fall där det uppkommit autoimmuna sjukdomar och efter organavstötning, särskilt vid de fall där de bildats antikroppar mot intagningen av patientens ordinarie läkemedel. Bolaget grundades under 2008 och har sitt huvudkontor i Lund.
2023-07-13 09:02:00

Idogen AB was declared bankrupt on 7 July. During its 15 years, the company has developed a technology platform for developing cell therapies aimed to cure and alleviate disease by creating disease-specific tolerance. More information about the technology platform will be provided by Christina Herder, acting CEO, christina.herder@idogen.com.A data room with relevant documentation is available after having executed a confidentiality agreement.

The bankruptcy estate is now offering the technology platform for sale, starting on July 13. Bids for the technology platform must be submitted to the bankruptcy trustee no later than Monday, July 31st, preferably electronically, via jorgen.andersson@ackordscentralen.se.The bankruptcy trustee reserves the right to review as well as the right to sell while the tender procedure still is in progress.

About the technology platform

Idogen's technology platform has the potential to develop several curative, novel cell therapies mimicking the body's own way of achieving disease-specific tolerance.

The cell therapy has the potential to "calm down" the immune system when it is reacting in an undesired way.

Three different medical challenges have been identified where this technology could be used to achieve disease-specific tolerance:
  • patients who have developed antibodies against their biological drug, e.g. haemophilia A patients with neutralizing antibodies - the IDO 8 program

  • patients with autoimmune disease - IDO AID program

  • pre-treatment of patients to avoid transplant rejection and long-term side effects due to use of immunosuppressants after organ transplantations - the IDO T program

Included in the asset sale is all data, documentation and regulatory approvals in Sweden, Norway and EMA in order to resume the clinical study within the IDO 8 program

Key data and documentation included
  • Preclinical in vitro data for both IDO 8 and IDO T program

  • Preclinical in vivo safety studies for IDO 8 program

  • All know-how and documentation required for manufacturing clinical supply under GMP at Radboud University Medical Center for the first clinical program in IDO 8

  • Clinical study protocol for first clinical study

  • Regulatory approvals for the first clinical study in Sweden, Norway and EMA

  • Network of clinical investigators for the first clinical study and therefore available patients


In addition, the sale includes the patent applications covering Idogen's current platform technology and its applications, e.g. tolerogenic cell therapy manufacturing process, in particular Idogen's novel tolerance-inducing cocktail and possible variants of the process and cocktail. Included are also the cell therapy products created in the process and their variants as well as treatment methods based on these cell products.

The international (PCT) patent application, WO2021116464A1, was filed in December 2020

In July 2022, it was extended to Europe (EPO), Canada, China, Japan and the US.

Once granted, it could provide patent protection until December 2040, excluding extensions where applicable.

For further information, please contact:

With questions around the technology platform, confidentiality agreement as well as access to the data room contact Christina Herder, tf vd, Idogen AB

Cell phone: +46 70 374 71 56

E-mail: christina.herder@idogen.com

With questions around bids and the bidding process contact
Jörgen Andersson, Ackordscentralen Syd AB
Office +46 (0)10 151 60 56
Cell phone +46 (0)707 787421

E-mail: jorgen.andersson@ackordscentralen.se

Idogen has developed tolerogenic cell therapies to prevent the patient's immune system from attacking biological agents, transplanted organs or the body's own cells or tissue. The company's most advanced program, IDO 8 is designed to restore the efficacy of hemophilia drugs in patients who have developed neutralizing antibodies.For these hemophiliac patients, there is significant medical need for restoring the clinical effects of their treatment with factor VIII. This is a unique market positioning that over the long term could replace immune tolerance induction (ITI) treatments, with significant market potential. The planned IDO 8 clinical trial would validate the company's technology platform and facilitate a range of other applications in fields such as organ transplants (IDO T) and autoimmune diseases (IDO AID).More information about Idogen is available via www.idogen.com.