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CS Medica är ett danskt bolag verksamma inom medicinteknik. Bolaget är specialiserade inom utveckling av medicintekniska produkter. Portföljen inkluderar produkter som innehåller medicinsk cannabis (CBD), med störst inriktning mot kosttillskott och diverse behandlingsvård. Produkterna används exempelvis av patienter som lider av psoriasis, artros och håravfall. Störst verksamhet återfinns inom den nordiska marknaden, där produkterna vidaresäljs under eget varumärke.
2022-01-06 14:30:00

CS MEDICA A/S ("CS MEDICA" or the "Company") announces today that the Company has hired four persons to strengthen the sales department. Until now, the Company has mainly been characterized as an early-staged R&D-centric development company. CS MEDICA will now focus on improving enterprise sales and establishing an enterprise-ready sales organization to grow further and penetrate new markets.

With the intention to become more sales-focused, CS MEDICA has strengthened the team by hiring an additional four persons. The Company is currently in the process of transforming from mainly being an R&D-centric company, into being more sales-oriented. The additional employees will improve this effort while CS MEDICA will continue operating with a solid R&D function that allows the development of new treatment products.

We have seen a clear interest in CANNASEN® CBD products among distributors. However, we have experienced the legal approval processes by distributors being very time consuming, due to a general lack of knowledge about medical-technical products containing CBD. 

Henceforth, CS MEDICA will focus on building a holistic enterprise sales organization and develop a sales strategy focusing on reducing the current time-consuming sales process. The intention is to simplify customer and distributor's approval processes by taking into account various approval stages that have been experienced to be time-consuming. The new hires are focused on sales and sales assistance-related processes, such as bringing forward e-learning platforms for the distributors, white papers focusing on scientific and legal issues for potential distributors and scientific papers covering clinical trials. To continue penetrating the global market, it is crucial to continue strengthening and growing the CANNASEN® brand. The Company are looking to achieve this organically through word-of-mouth and product-fit marketing by using post-marketing clinical trials in cooperation with local disease organizations. To help address this strategy CS MEDICA are using their comprehensive technology platforms CIM (Clinical Information Management system) and PIM (Product Information Management system).

Below is a summary of the new recruitments:

Yujie Sun
As of 1 January 2022, Yujie Sun has joined CANNORDIC A/S as Supply Chain Manager & Life Science Specialist. Yujie will be responsible for clinical studies, post-marketing-clinical trials, scientific papers and oversee all Supply Chain related activities while ensuring a compliant operation.

Yujie holds a Master of Science from Copenhagen University, where she also worked for 3 years as a Researcher in Life Science, responsible for initiating experiments, analyzing, and gathering research data for Scientific paper writing and publishing.  She has 8 years of experience within supply chain management working with forecasting, Data analytics, Business Intelligence and People and Culture, accompanying a track record of delivering actionable data-driven insight to senior leadership.

Trine Schilling Gilberg
1 January 2022 Trine Schilling Gilberg joined CANNORDIC a/s as Customer Success Manager. Trine will be responsible for the education, trade marketing and follow up on distributors & Nordic customers as well as ongoing follow-up on sales, performance and budgets; optimizing sales & marketing in all existing sales channels.

Trine holds a Bachelor's in export marketing, and a diploma in project management and digital marketing. She has more than 5 years of professional experience in the commercial media, medical device, within planning, integration and implementation of conceptual, profitable and innovative marketing campaigns, events as well as building strong and close cooperation with external partners.

Mikkel Raahauge Nielsen
As of 1st of February 2022, Mikkel Raahauge Nielsen joins CANNORDIC a/s as Head of International Sales.  Mikkel will be responsible for sales globally, through partnerships with new and existing distributors. The first task will be outlining and preparing a new sales strategy, empowering the potential of CS MEDICA's portfolio, building on top of the current momentum, ensuring that targets and expectations are met.

Mikkel holds an MSc in International Business from Copenhagen Business School, is Project Manager certified (Mannaz) and has a negotiation Course from Boost Groop. Mikkel brings 9 years of sales and export experience, working with medicine and pharma products in various commercial roles. Among others, been responsible for building up the UK and Dutch market, gaining shelf space in Boots (UK Pharmacy chain) and other pharmacy chains."

Anne-Marie Bro Vedstesen
On the 1[st] of February 2022 Anne-Marie Bro Vedstesen joins Galaxa Pharma a/s as Head of Scandinavian Sales. Anne-Marie will be responsible for sales in the Scandinavian countries through drugstores and pharmacy chains, preparing and executing a new sales strategy and must, through outreach and sustainable sales to both new and existing customers in the Scandinavian countries, ensure CS MEDICA's goals and expectations are met.

Anne-Marie holds a Cand.Negot from the University of Southern Denmark and has a strong competence profile around sales, marketing, management and business development. She has 30 years of experience in sales, exports and marketing including 15 years as CEO' for Apotekernes Amba (owned by the danish pharmacies), where her main focus was business growth, relationships, structure, supplier partnerships and member care.