03:14:17 Europe / Stockholm


2022-05-10 11:24:00
  • Net sales in Q1 slightly above our forecast
  • Net result stronger than our estimate largely due to lower costs
  • We maintain our valuation interval of DKK 115 – 180 per share

ViroGates reported revenues slightly above our projections for Q1 2022. The net result for the period also came in stronger than expected by a margin of DKK 1.5 million. The outcome once again proves the growth trajectory for product sales. ViroGates have now reached a total of 33 clinical routine customers, helped in part by EMA’s label extension covering suPAR guided anakinra treatment for COVID-19 patients. The challenge ahead is to convert hospitals using suPAR for COVID-19 triage into using it for general emergency room triage. We are also eagerly anticipating the launch of POC+ this spring.

The full report is available here.