01:55:22 Europe / Stockholm


2022-03-03 15:10:00
  • Revenue higher but profits lower than expected
  • New strategic shift announced during the quarter
  • We maintain our valuation interval of SEK 3.60 – 5.60 per share

Heliospectra’s year-end report for 2021 showed a Q4 revenue that beat our forecast but an order intake on the low side. Ali Ahmadian stepped down as CEO during the quarter, with board member Bonny Heeren stepping in as acting CEO. The company also announced a new strategic shift towards sustainable data-driven cultivation and a more customer centric approach. We choose to await more concrete evidence before incorporating the strategic shift into our forecast. Hence, we maintain our valuation range of SEK 3.60 – 5.60 per share.

The full report is available here.