02:03:10 Europe / Stockholm


2022-08-29 16:30:00
  • Bottom line stornger than expected in Q2 due to lower OPEX
  • Two agreements signed with Asian computer vision players
  • We maintain our valuation interval SEK 41.60 – 66.20 per share

Crunchfish’s report for Q2 2022 showcased a revenue in line with expectations and a net loss that came in better than expected. Within Digital Cash, Crunchfish is awaiting final confirmation before entering the Reserve Bank of India’s regulatory sandbox in a project that also involves two other Indian banks. Digital Cash has also been integrated into Sirius’ payment solution, which facilitates banks’ deployment of Digital Cash. As for Gesture Interaction, the interest in XR Skeleton Stereo has intensified during the quarter and two new agreements with Asian computer vision players have now been signed. We choose to maintain our valuation interval of SEK 41.60 – 66.20 per share

The full report is available here.