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Scandion Oncology är verksamma inom bioteknik. Bolaget utvecklar läkemedel för behandling av cancer som innehåller läkemedelsresistenta cellkloner. Bolagets läkemedelskandidat, SCO-101, har i prekliniska studier visat sig förbättra effekten av viss standardcancerbehandling. Bolaget grundades under 2017 och har sitt huvudkontor i Köpenhamn.


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2020-11-13 18:23:34

Erroneously the Press Release from 13 November, 2020 (released at 16:46:16) was MAR labelled. In this corrected version of the Press Release the MAR label has been deleted.

which was held on:

Friday 13 November 2020, at 2.00 PM

at Scandion Oncology A/S' (the "Company") office at Fruebjergvej 3, 2100 Copenhagen Ø, Denmark.

Due to COVID-19 it was also possible to attend the general meeting using Microsoft Teams as set out in the notice.


1. Election of chairman of the meeting.

2. Proposal to authorize the Board of Directors to increase the Company's
share capital with pre-emptive rights.

3. Information on final allocation of warrants.

4. Approval of authorization of the Chairman of the meeting.

Re 1   Election of chairman

Anders Rubinstein, lawyer, was eleceted as chairman of the meeting by all
represented votes.

Re 2   Proposal to authorize the Board of Directors to increase the Company's
share capital with pre-emptive rights.

A proposal from the Board of Directors was presented to include a new Article
3.8 in the Articles of Association with the following wording:

"On 13 November 2020, the general meeting resolved to authorize the Board of
Directors during the period until 13 November 2025 to increase the Company's
share capital in one or more issues of new shares with pre-emptive rights for
the Company's existing shareholders by up to a nominal amount of DKK
1,574,641.6560. The capital increase may be effected by cash payment and/or
conversion of debt and shall take place at a subscription price as determined
by the Board of Directors which may be below the market price.

The new shares shall be issued in the name of the holder and registered in the
Company's register of shareholders, be fully paid up, be negotiable
instruments, and shall in every respect carry the same rights as the existing
shares. The Board of Directors is authorized to determine the terms and
conditions for the capital increases pursuant to the above authorization and
to make such amendments to the Company's articles of association as may be
required as a result of the Board of Directors' exercise of said

The chairman noted that the board of directors had received power of attorneys
voting for this proposal from shareholders representing 81.20% of both the
votes and the share capital represented at the general meeting. The proposal
had therefore been adopted.

Re 3   Information of final allocation of warrants

At the extraordinary general meeting held 1 October 2020 it was resolved to
issue up to 70,000 warrants per employee (214,338 warrants in total). It was
informed that the final allocation was that two employees each have been
granted 53,585 warrants, and two employees each have been granted 53,584
warrants (214,338 warrants in total)

At the extraordinary general meeting held 1 October 2020 it was further
resolved to issue 214,338 warrants to the board of directors.

The final allocation of the 214,338 warrants has been as follows:
  • Chairman: 80,377 warrants corresponding to factor 1.5 of the deputy
  • Deputy chairman: 53,585 warrants.

  • Other board members: 26,792 per board member corresponding to factor 0,5

of the deputy chairman (excluding the board member and CEO Bo Rode Hansen and
the board member appointed by the employees, Annie Rasmussen).

The general meeting took note of the information.

At the request of a shareholder the CEO, Bo Rode Hansen, informed that the
exercise price per warrant had been fixed at SEK 49.99.

Re 4   Approval of authorization of the Chairman of the meeting

A proposal from the Board of Directors was presented to authorize the Chairman
of the Extraordinary General Meeting, with a right of substitution, to file
the resolutions passed by the general meeting with the Danish Business
Authority and to make any such changes and additions as the Danish Business
Authority may require as a condition for registering or approving the
resolutions passed by the general meeting

The proposal was adopted by all shareholders represented.


The general meeting was adjourned.

For further information regarding Scandion Oncology, please contact:

Jens Bo Rode Hansen, CEO

Phone: +45 28340871

E-mail: info@scandiononcology.com

About Scandion Oncology:Scandion Oncology A/S is a clinical stage II
biotechnology company currently developing first-in-class, oral add-on drugs
to existing market leading anti-cancer therapies. As add on to standard anti
-cancer therapies, it introduces an effective treatment approach for cancer,
which is or has become resistant to cancer-fighting drugs, offering the
potential for better response rates, longer survival and improved quality of
life. The first-in-class lead candidate, SCO-101, is currently in clinical
Phase II. The company is targeting cancer drug resistance in various treatment
modalities including, chemotherapy, anti-hormonal therapy and immunotherapy.
Scandion Oncology was listed on Spotlight Stock Market, Sweden in November
2018. Ticker code: SCOL.