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Nanologica är verksamma inom nanoteknik. Idag innehas störst affärsinriktning mot sektorerna Drug Delivery och Kromatografi, vilket innefattar utveckling av läkemedelsadministration samt av teknik som används för separation och rening av produkter. Forskningen har utförts i samarbete med Stockholms Universitet och Ångströmslaboratorierna vid Uppsala Universitet. Bolaget grundades 2004 och har sitt huvudkontor i Södertälje.


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2019-12-02 13:28:53

Nanologica's technology platform for drug delivery has developed to include inhalation as administration route. Great interest has been shown in the platform and Nanologica now aims to further discuss the platform with leaders in the field and with potential partners.

On Dec 5-6, Nanologica will take part in the inaugural Respiratory Drug Delivery conference in London, UK. The purpose of the conference is to bring together clinical researchers, respiratory drug manufacturers and solution providers to discuss the current research and developments in providing appropriate long-term treatments that adhere to patient's needs.

Nanologica will also take part in the Drug Delivery to the Lungs 2019 conference (DDL 2019) on Dec 11-13 in Edinburgh, UK. The DDL conference provides an annual forum for scientists, academics, clinicians, regulatory and industry specialists involved in developing medicines for inhalation.

" I look forward to attending these conferences which are directed to leaders in the field of pulmonary delivery.  We see great potential in Nanologica's platform which we believe is able to overcome some of the challenges surrounding administration of drugs through inhalation", says Adam Feiler, CTO of Nanologica.  

Inhalation is one of several administration routes being explored within Nanologica's patent pending technology platform. Currently Nanologica is pursuing a partner project together with Vicore Pharma based on this platform. The project includes development of novel formulations designed to deliver active compound directly to the lung through inhalation. This method of delivery may help to maximize drug absorption while potentially minimizing any effects on the rest of the body.

For more information on Nanologica's technology platform, please contact:

Prof. Adam Feiler, CTO of Nanologica

phone: +46 72 353 66 30 or e-mail adam.feiler@nanologica.com

For further information, please contact:

Andreas Bhagwani, CEO of Nanologica
phone: +46 70 316 17 02 or e-mail: andreas@nanologica.com

About Nanologica
Nanologica was founded in 2004 and is a nanotechnology company developing nanoporous silica particles for applications within life science. Nanologica is world-leading in controlling the shape, size and type of porosity of silica particles. This knowledge is applied within drug delivery and chromatography (a separation technique used in drug development and drug production). The company's mission is to contribute to better and cheaper treatments for patients worldwide through the technology platform NLAB Silica™. Nanologica's stock (NICA) is listed on Spotlight Stock Market. For further information, please visit www.nanologica.com.