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Bio-Works Technologies är verksamma inom bioteknik. Bolaget utvecklar produkter som separerar och renar molekyler vid framställning av läkemedel. Teknologin baseras på kromatografi som har som avsikt att hantera läkemedelssubstansen. Kunderna återfinns inom den europeiska marknaden där produkterna säljs via distributionspartners och till bolag inom läkemedelsindustrin, samt forskningsinstitut och universitet. Bolaget bildades 2006 och har sitt huvudkontor i Uppsala.


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2020-12-10 08:00:00

Bio-Works Technologies (Nasdaq First North) has signed a Distribution Agreement with Taipei-based Yong Chien Technology Inc. The agreement covers import, storage, distribution, marketing promotion and sales of WorkBeads resins and pre-packed BabyBio and OptioBio columns in Taiwan.

Bio-Works (https://www.bio-works.com/) is strengthening its presence in Taiwan by engaging a well-respected local distributor with years of experience of supplying downstream bioprocessing solutions to academia, research institutes and the growing domestic biotech, biosimilar and biopharma industry.

Bio-Works cutting edge proprietary agarose resins, WorkBeads™ are well-suited not only for the purification of biological compounds for biopharmaceuticals, but also for peptides and proteins used by the cosmetic industry, industrial enzyme production, diagnostic kits and in vaccine manufacturing using various vectors and antigens, DNA and RNA. Bio-Works have a particularly strong portfolio in IMAC, probably offering the largest selections of chelating agents already supplied with metal counter ions for swift and easy use. Furthermore, WorkBeads IEX-resins are already used in USFDA and EMA approved peptide therapeutics offering unparallel cost savings in large scale manufacturing.

"Yong Chien Technology Inc (https://www.yongchien.com/) and its partners offer far better coverage of Taiwan than we have previously had. We are encouraged by Mr Angus Wu's network not only in the biotech industry but also into academia and research institutes, which would pave the way for better penetration of the Taiwanese market," says Mr Jonathan Royce, Bio-Works' CEO.

Yong Chien Technologies was established 13 years ago with the aim of bringing best-in-class life science products to laboratories and biotech companies in Taiwan from global suppliers. This in order to be able to serve efforts in genomics and proteomics R&D, separation and purification of biomolecules from lab to full production scale.

"We are very glad to sign this distribution agreement with Bio-Works enabling us to introduce Bio-Work's high quality and cost-effective chromatography resins to our customers across Taiwan," says Mr Angus Wu, Managing Director of Yong Chien Technology Inc.